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    Today is My Favourite Day: Unleashing the Power of Optimism

    Did You Charge Your Optimism Today?
    A day full of optimism is a day packed with power, a force-multiplier that lets you take on what the world throws at you—good, bad or ugly—with a never-say-die-spirit.

    Optimism breeds trust, elevates understanding and even when you make a mistake or fail, it allows you to recover quickly and continue your journey not just on the path of success but in being an Ashtapahlu, a multidimensional personality.

    This practical, sensitive and honest book, written straight from the heart by someone who has bounced back in life with his positive attitude, will bring a spring in your step and a renewed vigour in your heart.

    So, let’s begin the journey of not just making today but everyday your favourite day.


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